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Cyn Santana Returns to Love and Hip Hop

Erica Mena’s Ex Cyn Santana Returns to Love and Hip Hop

The original series that started the ever growing franchise Love and Hip Hop returns to VH1. Mona Scott took some ques from viewers and cut half the cast of last season. The New York edition suffered a major drop in ratings last season and compared to the ratings boost that Atlanta had VH1 is not excepting anything mediocre. With Cyn Santana’s broken relationship with former girlfriend Erica Mena, might give this season a juicy story line to follow.

Cyn Santana began filming this season of Love and Hip Hop this summer when the Bow Wow and Erica Mena were just a rumor. And although we know what happened in August when the couple randomly got engaged you better believe Mona Scott captured every meltdown between Cyn and Erica.

Cyn Santana

Cyn Santana Biography

Cyn Santana 5 Things You Didn’t Know

Cyn Santana1. She goes to school. Yes this love beauty is not dumb she does have a good head on her shoulders. Cyn Santana is going to school for Psychology at SUNY in New York. She hasn’t confirmed what college exactly but has been going their since she was 18 years old. Despite her lifestyle hanging out with rappers and ballers Santana knows it’s not going to last forever. When it’s all said and done and when the partying is played out she wants to be a social worker and help underprivileged women. That’s kinda hot! Go head mama!

2. Cyn Santana is Dominican and Salvadorian. Her mother is from El Salvador and her father is Dominican but she is second generation. Santana describes herself as mad Spanish. She and co-star Tahiry are both Dominican and yes Santana still gets a $9 doobie wrap. She has never been to DR.

Cyn Santana3. She loves to eat. Cyn Santana has an amazing body but all those curves are not from dieting. The Spanish Mama loves Chipotle and drinking Patron. Of all the things in the world her friends always hook her up with Chipotle gift cards on her birthday. If you follow her twitter she has posted dozens of pics including one of a guy with Chipotle logo in his haircut.

4. Her body is 100% real. In an interview with DJ Envy of the Breakfast Club she has made it clear her body is real and the first thing people say to her is that it isn’t. With her new fame from Love and Hip Hop she promises that when people dig up pictures of her they will not find one of a different body. The booty and chest is all real. Measurements: 37-27-42. She is thick thick thick!!! Compared to Nya Lee I think Santana has got her beat.

5. She got famous from doing impressions of Nicki Minaj and Kat Stacks on youtube. Cyn is unlike most video vixens. We don’t know them at all and they seem to have no personality. But Cyn is all about her hustle. Besides her beauty and brains she has a sense of humor. Santana become known for doing impressions of Nicki on youtube. When she talks she even sounds a bit like her on a regular basis. She’s also done impressions of Ray J!!

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Cyn Santana Celebrates Her 21st Brithday

Cyn Santana Turns 21 Years Old

Despite her looks Cyn Santana is young. She just became legal enough to have drinks but according to her she’s been drinking since she was 16 and her favorite drink to get her turnt up is Patron. The video vixen even had a patron flavored birthday cake. It was a 4 tier cake that cost almost $700, so we heard. She celebrated her B-day October 20th with her boo Erica Mena. Cyn looked sexy in her black lace dress. This might have been the most covered up she’s been since she started her career. She also wore a second outfit, a sheer gold dress with lace and crystal detailing. The party was held at NYC’s gentleman’s club Starlet.

She had no hesitation showing her love to her new girlfriend. We can see more of their relationship on Love and Hip Hop. The 21 year old will also make appearances on season 4 of Love & Hip Hop with her boo and rumor has it she and Erica have a threesome with Rich Dollaz. I CAN’T! Also on the show is Peter Gunz and his girlfriend of 13 years but it looks like he might become the new Stevie J with his close relationship with his artist Amina Buddafly. This is too much!

Cyn Santana

Cyn Santana

Meet Erica Mena’s Girlfriend Cyn Santana

  • Birthday: October 12, 1992
  • Age: 21
  • Occupation: Model, Actress
  • Net Worth: $150K…$6,000 for each video appearance, and $4,000 for photo shoots.
  • Dated: Drake, Fabolous
  • Video Appearances: No Lie (2 Chainz, Drake), Lights Out (Fabolous), Got That Work, The Don (Nas),
  • Ethnicity: Mad Spanish! She is Dominican
  • Favorite Drink: Patron

Cyn Santana is the 21 year old girlfriend of loud, outspoken and over dramatic Erica Mena. Mena is the biggest B on Love and Hip Hop and yes she is one of the only few returning for season 4 which began October 28th. Last season Erica was in a relationship with failing music manager Rich Dollaz. Dollaz has struggled to have any success with his current artist and so he began managing Erica thinking things would be any better. Dollaz has worked with Bad Boy artist in the past like 112, Danity Kane, Day 26, which is how he got his recognition in his career. Dollaz and Mena broke up after he stopped managing her. With great criticism from his peers Dollaz dropped Erica.

Erica has since moved on to something younger and better Miss Cyn Santana. Some of the gossip bloggers might recognize her because she was in a relationship with rapper Drake earlier this year. Well so has almost everyone in the industry. Drake has also been linked to Tahiry Jose another Love and Hip Hop star after photos of the both of them on vacation. Cyn was recently seen with Drake at the Jordan Classic Basketball game in February which cost Drake $1500 for the front row seats. Oddly enough just before Love & Hip Hop filming began Erica and Cyn hooked up and now profess their love for each other. But it looks like this relationship is purely for show. Erica is the biggest pimp and has been with many women in NYC. Yes if you head uptown to the Boogie Down Bronx, the ladies are talking and Erica’s name is coming up all the time.

So who is Cyn Santana? She’s obsessed with Chipotle which means she doesn’t worry about calories with over 1,000 cals per burrito. She’s also been in 5 videos, with Nas, Fabolous, Ventura, and 2 Chainz and Drake which is how she met Drake. She also goes to school and study Psychology.