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Cyn Santana 5 Things You Didn’t Know

Cyn Santana1. She goes to school. Yes this love beauty is not dumb she does have a good head on her shoulders. Cyn Santana is going to school for Psychology at SUNY in New York. She hasn’t confirmed what college exactly but has been going their since she was 18 years old. Despite her lifestyle hanging out with rappers and ballers Santana knows it’s not going to last forever. When it’s all said and done and when the partying is played out she wants to be a social worker and help underprivileged women. That’s kinda hot! Go head mama!

2. Cyn Santana is Dominican and Salvadorian. Her mother is from El Salvador and her father is Dominican but she is second generation. Santana describes herself as mad Spanish. She and co-star Tahiry are both Dominican and yes Santana still gets a $9 doobie wrap. She has never been to DR.

Cyn Santana3. She loves to eat. Cyn Santana has an amazing body but all those curves are not from dieting. The Spanish Mama loves Chipotle and drinking Patron. Of all the things in the world her friends always hook her up with Chipotle gift cards on her birthday. If you follow her twitter she has posted dozens of pics including one of a guy with Chipotle logo in his haircut.

4. Her body is 100% real. In an interview with DJ Envy of the Breakfast Club she has made it clear her body is real and the first thing people say to her is that it isn’t. With her new fame from Love and Hip Hop she promises that when people dig up pictures of her they will not find one of a different body. The booty and chest is all real. Measurements: 37-27-42. She is thick thick thick!!! Compared to Nya Lee I think Santana has got her beat.

5. She got famous from doing impressions of Nicki Minaj and Kat Stacks on youtube. Cyn is unlike most video vixens. We don’t know them at all and they seem to have no personality. But Cyn is all about her hustle. Besides her beauty and brains she has a sense of humor. Santana become known for doing impressions of Nicki on youtube. When she talks she even sounds a bit like her on a regular basis. She’s also done impressions of Ray J!!

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